February 15, 2005

Donel figurine

Donel figurine Dad has received many, many touching, amazing, inspirational and caring cards, gifts, gestures and kindness from friends, family, and even a few strangers. Keith Craswell, who is not a stranger although he is friend and family, carved this great figurine for Dad. You can follow the link by clicking on the image, or you can go here and see the newest photos that have been uploaded. Also--if people are interested, they can leave comments on the individual Flickr photo pages.
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February 11, 2005

Family Update

Greetings to all! Here is a quick update on the McClellan household. The whole clan is here: Jeni and her family; Martin and partner Christine; and Charles, James and I, in town for one week from Singapore. We have spent the past few days working on a number of projects (I am writing this to the sound of Jeni ripping up carpeting in mom's study) and tonight Martin is cooking up a mean gumbo dinner. Tomorrow night we are planning a Lunar New Year feast to greet the year of the Rooster. We will also celebrate that today was dad's final day of radiation on his spine, although they will continue to radiate the prostate for another few weeks. Last night, the church threw a wonderful retirement celebration for dad. It was a an evening filled with laughter and gentle roasting of dad's quirks. What was very clear from the evening is the love that surrounds dad in this community and the many ways in which he has connected with people over the years. Once home, all of us sugar-wired from the dessert buffet, we were up for hours reading over the beautiful gift album of letters, and admiring the many cards, poetry, artwork, quilts, and gifts.
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February 07, 2005

Don and Dirty Dan Harris

Don and Dirty Dan Harris
Don and Dirty Dan Harris,
originally uploaded by Donel.
We're posting some photos on Flickr, a photo-sharing site. Come take a look--click on photo or, you can also see the pictures just by going to

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February 06, 2005

Clan walk

The whole family (minus Christine, who was unable to join this weekend) was in town, and we walked down at Boulevard Park, taking a moment to pose for a family photo. More photos to come soon of our adventures.
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